About Travelsilog and How to Contact Us

Our food blog (Certified Foodies) has immensely affected our lives in so many ways. It deepened our passion for food and cooking, and brought our curiosity to new heights. Along with it is our desire to travel.

With our fervent hopes that this will reverberate towards the satisfaction of our wanderlust that has been kept calm by work and personal struggles that we painstakingly went through the past years, we decided to start our own travel blog. We want to rekindle our love for travelling for our own sake and sanity. 😉

Why Travelsilog?

Travel plus ‘Silog‘ (sinangag and itlog) – food and travel. Simply put, that’s what the name of our blog is all about.

Before we even ended up with the name (after some hilariously corny ones), we seriously considered if we should start a separate blog for our travels. We quickly realized that there are many stories and images that we’ve captured in the past, and for sure will continue on in the future, that are not suited to be written or shared on a food blog. So, we made a final decision to start Travelsilog.

We believe that the most important (and easiest) way for us to understand a culture is through food. The way people gather ingredients and prepare their dishes can tell us about their traditions and even their history. This is what we’re hoping to share in Travelsilog.

When you are planning for your trip’s itinerary, you should find out or research about what dishes or food places you must visit. Eating while travelling requires some level of respect and an appetite for adventure. You may encounter something you find unappetizing or uncanny (like our balut to foreigners). For us, this experience can help broaden our palates and culinary knowledge as we submerge ourselves in the local culture of the place or country we’re visiting.

Travelsilog – this is our travel journal as food lovers who long for more exciting flavors, culinary discoveries and new experiences.

Take note that Certified Foodies will be the main venue for our food discoveries. Here on Travelsilog, we’ll share with you the places we’ve been and our travel bucket list. You’ll read narratives about the people we met, see images of the beauty we uncovered and hear about interesting tidbits we gathered out of our own curiosity and unending questions. 😀 We hope you follow our journey and, maybe, in the future, you’d join us too (visit The Burp Society for more information)!


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